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OX Locker® Ford 8.8" #OXF88C273H-31 Air/Cable Diff Locker 31 Spline (2.73 & up)

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OX Locker Ford 8.8 #OXF88C273H-31


Ford 8.8 OX® Locker #OXF88C273H-31
Diff Locker Features

The OX Ford 8.8 locker, for your 31 spline axle for 2.73 & up gear ratios, can instantly lock differentials and allow you to tackle the toughest off-road terrain. The world's best traction aid, OX Lockers keep you moving in all conditions.

Air/Cable Lockers from OX are currently available in over 20 configurations to suit a wide range of off-road and 4x4 vehicles from around the world. Because the OX Locker is only engaged when needed, it can be installed in BOTH the front and rear axles, with separate switches independently controlling the locker from within the off-road truck or vehicle.

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Pricing: $900.00

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OX® Differential Locker Ford 8.8" Applications »

Please click on your specific Ford 8.8 differential application below to see the proper OX locker for your setup.

OX® Locking Diffs For Competition/Off-Road/Rock Climbing »

Installation of the OX OXF88C273H-31 locker should be performed by a qualified differential technician, although no special tools or skills are required apart from those necessary for fitting a standard differential.

OX Locker® Features

  • Precision Machined Cover
    Extra thick billet or forged differential cover. Built to withstand the rigors of offroad. Maintains a stable platform for proper shift fork action. Machined frontal ramp deflects rocks and minimizes damage. No need for extra differential skid plates.
  • Sure Shifting Engagement
    Locker engagement is provided by using our super durable manual shifter assembly. Built using billet machined aluminum and steel components. Easy and sure shift action leaves no doubt when you are locked up. This will feed through our custom designed aerospace quality cable assembly. All this adds up to reliability, no leaks, no shorts.
  • Four Pin Internal Design
    Utilizes the proven four spider gear internals. Unique four pin design provides the most strength available of any locker available. This is coupled with an outer case made from 8620 gear steel forged and heat treated to make the OX case virtually indestructible.
  • Extreme Grip Lock Ring
    Recently improved to feature a "back cut" gear tooth design. Taken from Porsche racing technology, this lock ring design was a proven solution to high load manual transmission issues. This shift ring is made to find engagement and hold on until you tell it to let go. Case hardened and through hardened to match the quality of the rest of the locker.

OX Locker® Applications

  • Dana 30 3.73 and up, 27 spline            OXD30C373H-27
  • Dana 30 3.73 and up, 30 spline            OXD30C373H-30
  • Dana 35 3.55 and up, 27 spline            OXD35C355H-27
  • Dana 35 3.55 and up, 30 spline            OXD35C355H-30
  • Dana 44 3.73 and dn,30 spline             OXD44C373D-30
  • Dana 44 3.92 and up, 30 spline            OXD44C392H-30
  • Dana 44 3.92 and up, 33 spline            OXD44C392H-33
  • Dana 44 JK, Non Rubicon, 30 spline      OXD44JK-30
  • Dana 60 4.10 and dn, 35 spline            OXD60C354H-35
  • Dana 60 4.10 and dn, 30 spline            OXD60C354H-30
  • Dana 60 4.56 and up, 35 spline            OXD60C456H-35
  • Dana 60 4.56 and up, 30 spline            OXD60C456H-30
  • Ford 8.8 2.73 and up, 31 spline            OXF88C273H-31
  • AMC 20 3.08 and up, 29 spline             OXA20C308H-29


  • OXF88C273H-31
  • OXF88C273H-31
  • OX-USA
  • New

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