Dear ECGS Customer (Past, Present, and Future):

This message is in response to all inquiries requesting a discount on Complete Axle Assemblies, and Complete 3rd members. All of our promotions exclude these items and is specifically stated in the advertisement and online when the code is used. We do not discount these assemblies from their advertised price. Our standard advertised price for the assemblies already includes a significant discount on the parts that we are installing. Therefore the remainder of the price is labor. We have calculated the labor rate on these assemblies to be as low as possible, for us to further discount these assemblies we would have to sell the parts under cost or cut our already low labor rate. In addition ECGS offers the Nations best warranty on these assemblies. The price of the units are specifically designed to provide the customer with the absolute best price and the best quality. The good news is you don't have to wait until a specific time to purchase or have regrets that you spent too much. Our assemblies are always advertised and sold at the very best price that we can produce them.

I personally do not like coupons and discounts. I prefer to sell all the products and services we have at a price that allows ECGS to stay solvent and yet offer the customer the best price and absolute best quality every time. In an effort to keep up with our competitors we will offer sales from time to time. These sales apply to parts only. ECGS currently has 45,000 sq. feet of warehouse space stocked with over 8,000 part numbers ready to ship. We currently have the resources to ship 30% more packages from our warehouse. We do not have the resources to drastically increase the volume of custom assemblies. This is not to say that we can not accept orders it is merely stating it would not be wise or beneficial for us or the consumer to discount these assemblies in order to increase the volume sold. We are constantly improving our processes and training qualified staff to our manufacturing team but in an effort to produce only the best quality, only the best techs produce your axles! Hopefully this provides some insight on how and why we make the decision we make.

I am very proud of our team of 25 and we very much appreciate any and all orders received, we look forward to serving any future customers to the best of our abilities. Please take advantage of any discounts on parts offered, and please accept our apology for not being able to discount our custom built products.

Thank You, Chase Perry