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Dana 60 - Bearing Set-Up Kit

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These bearings are perfect for the master installer or the first timer. They are honed to slide on and off the bearing surface by hand allowing you to easily change the carrier shims to achieve the ideal backlash. The pinion race is also machined so that it will slide easily out of the housing allowing you to change the pinion shim.. If you do not have a clamshell style puller, these are essential to insuring you don't damage your new bearings by pulling them on and off. Even if you do have a clamshell puller these eliminate the possibility of a costly mistake.

*Master Kit - Includes 2 Carrier Bearings (387A) and 1 Race (HM803110)
*Pinion Kit Includes 1 Race (HM803110)
*Carrier Kit Inlcudes 2 Carrier Bearings (387A)
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