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Complete 3rd members, clamshells, and axles

East Coast Gear Supply - ASSEMBLED 3rds & Clamshells

ASSEMBLED 3rds & Clamshells
If your Toyota pick-up, Tacoma, Tundra, 4runner, or Fj Cruiser needs to be regeared here are some very affordable time savings solutions. If you are comfortable removing and installing your 3rd members and clamshell differentials, but not ready for the task of setting up ring and pinions. Or if you don't just trust anyone to rebuild your diffs. You can purchase one or two of these rebuilt differentials and swap them in yourself. By purchasing a pre- built diff you save down time on your truck and money at the local shop. Purchase one or two of these and they can be swapped in over a weekend or long night and you are back on the road. Typically even if you pay someone to swap in these diffs you will still come out ahead. Regearing can be costly, regearing twice is truly a burden. Trust the experts. All of our diffs are built in house with the highest quality parts available. We have a 5 year warranty (parts and labor) on all our diffs check individual listings for details. This is the best warranty in the industry because we are that confident in the diffs we build. If you have an 05+ Tacoma, 4runner, or Fj cruiser don't worry we have the 8" reverse clamshell cores and gears available to build it. We see 100's of differential failures a year do to poor set-ups why spend the money and take a risk on poor quality.

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