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Chrysler 8.25" Powertrax

East Coast Gear Supply - Chrysler 8.25" Powertrax

Lock-Right Lockers - Chrysler 8.25" Powertrax
Chrysler 8.25" Powertrax

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Description: Here is the kit to fix your sheared off pins or just to replace your old springs. Kit consists of four pins, and 8 springs. This kit ships free.
Item #: SPK-LR
Condition: New
Price: $19.99

Description: Lock-Right Chrysler 8.25" Locker Powertrax Lock-Right® #1230 Locker Features The Powertrax Lock-Right Chrysler 8.25" locker 1230 for your 27 spline axle with open carrier, can instantly lock...More Details »
Item #: PT-1230-LR
Condition: New
Price: $409.95

Items 1-2 of 2

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Chrysler 8.25" Powertrax

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