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Description: Toyota 8" ARB® #RD132 Air Locker Features The ARB Toyota 8" air locker for your 4 or 6 Cylinder spline axle for all gear ratios, can instantly lock differentials and allow you to tackle the...More Details »
Item #: RD132
Condition: New
Price: $999.00

tv6, detroit, locker, toyota, DET187S-61B,TV6-DETROIT,TOYOTA TV6 Detroit Locker
Description: The Detroit locker provides maximum traction for off-road or racing use. The heavy-duty case and internals provide a dramatic increase in strength while giving 100% torque to both tires. The...More Details »
Condition: New
Price: $638.39

toyota lockright,toyota lockrite, PT1620, V6, LOCKER, CHEAP,TV6-PT1620,PT 1620,TOYOTA 8" V6 - LOCKRIGHT PT1620
Description: If you need traction to both wheels at a low cost, a Lockright is your answer. Its simple design has proven itself as capable and dependable in the most demanding conditions. In addition these...More Details »
Item #: TV6-PT1620
Condition: New
Price: $275.76

toyota tacoma, t100 rear tacoma, t100 rear, toyota tacoma, toyota tacoma, toyota, tacoma, t100, rear, 30 spline, all, gear, ratio, axle, differential, locking, spline, posi-traction, rock, off-road, 4x4, g
Description: The True Trac limited slip uses a worm-gear design to bias torque from one tire to the other, providing extremely smooth operation. Since there are no clutches in this unit, there are no parts to...More Details »
Item #: TV6-DET-TT
Condition: New
Price: $508.96

toyota locker,toyota spartan, sl tv6-30, V6, LOCKER, CHEAP,TV6-SL-30,SL TV6-30,TOYOTA 8" V6 - Spartan Locker
Description: Fits Toyota 8" and V6 Made from 9310 steel for added strength Works with stock side gears in standard carrier case The Spartan Locker, by USA Standard Gear, provides reliable traction at a low...More Details »
Item #: TV6-SL-30
Condition: New
Price: $250.00

Description: The Aussie Locker XD-24930 is the most advanced "traction added" Automatic Precision Locker in the world today. Specifically designed for off-highway enthusiasts and wheelers the Aussie Locker has...More Details »
Item #: TV6-AL-XD-24930
Condition: New
Limited Supply: Only 0 Left!
Price: $299.99
Sale: $275.00
Save: 8%
Save: $24.99
Description: In collaboration with Eaton Corporation we have developed the Harrop Eaton ELocker Differential for a range of popular 4WD vehicles. The ELocker's electromagnetic locking mechanism is the next...More Details »
Item #: HAR-TV6
Condition: New
Price: $1,195.00

locker toyota spool,TV6-SPOOL,YP FSTV6-30,Toyota V6 Spool
Description: If you need complete traction and the lowest price with out sacrificing strength.
Item #: TV6-SPOOL
Condition: New
Price: $168.00

yukon, grizzly, locker, toyota, 8, YGLTV6-30, grizzly locker, Chevy, spool, automatic, locker, locking, differential,TV6-GRIZ-30,YGLTV6-30,Yukon TOYOTA 8" V6 Grizzly Locker YGLTV6-30 (SIMILAR TO DETROIT)
Description: YUKON GRIZZLY LOCKER , TOYOTA 8" V6 30 Spline , All Ratios . The Yukon Grizzly Locker is a mechanical locking differential. It features a forged case and 8620 internals for maximum strength. It's...More Details »
Item #: TV6-GRIZ-30
Condition: New
Price: $573.30

YZLTV6-30, ZIP-TV6-30, ZIP-, ZIP-TV6, ZIP-TV6-
Description: * Fits Toyota V6 rear * Forged case and 8620 internals for added strength * Works with a variety of air delivery systems * Assembled in the USA The Yukon Zip Locker is the latest in on-demand...More Details »
Item #: ZIP-TV6-30
Condition: New
Price: $898.72

Items 1-10 of 10

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