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EAT19818-010, D30-EAT-ELOK-4-27, D30-EAT, D30-, D30-EAT-, D30-EAT-ELOK, D30-EAT-ELOK-, D30-EAT-ELOK-4, D30-EAT-ELOK-4-, EAT19818, EATON, ELOCKER, LOCKER, ELECTRIC
Description: The Eaton E-locker uses Electro-Magnets to provide full lock-up at the push of a button. When the unit is disengaged it is a standard open differential. This unit comes with all associated parts...More Details »
Item #: D30-EAT-ELOK-4-27
Condition: New
Price: $890.00

Items 1-1 of 1