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Q: What tips do you have on how to install a Solid Spacer?

Following these easy steps might help

  1. Measure old crush sleeve w/ micrometer or calipers, this will get you close.
  2. If you are setting up a diff that shims behind the race, you will need to make the same adjustment to the spacer thickness shims. (example: if you take .008 out of the shim pack behind the race, subtract the same amount from the spacer shim pack)
  3. Once spacer and shims are installed tighten pinion nut slowly, measuring pinion preload.
  4. Pinion preload will remain at 0 until the bearings meet the races and the preload will increase very, very quickly.
  5. Once you get close to the right pinion preload, shim thickness adjustments need to be made in the .003 and down range to make adjustments, small increments make a big difference in pinion preload.
  6. One will want to torque the pinion nut to between 190- 240 ft lbs with the proper preload achieved.

Q: Do you have instructions on set-up the Tacoma Non TRD/8.4 Toyota Differential Install Kit?

Every aftermarket installation kit you may have received will be practically useless, they have included some aftermarket non specific shims. In order to set this diff up correctly like it was set up at the factory you will need the factory shims. These shims are obviously expensive which is why they are not included. You can order an ECGS special factory install kit use the factory shims you need and send us back what you dont use.

When disassembling the Tacoma diff the factory pinion depth shim is behind the race when knocking out the race try not to damage it as it is easy to damage. One may be able to reuse it. That shim should be about .076

Most shops installers are adjusting the pinion depth by shimming it under the pinion bearing and doing away with the factory shim behind the race, this is acceptable, and we have done it this way as well. However this still leaves the carrier to be properly set. One can hope it will be fine in my experience it will need to be adjusted to get a perfect set-up. The only way to do this is to have the right shims. One could guess what shims they will need after achieving a good pinion depth and order just the specific ones needed but this will mean a long down time while Toyota orders them and gets them to you. We have them in stock and you can order just the 2 you need. We recommend having all of them available and using what you need and sending us back the rest.

We will send the shims in a separate box with a call tag, so when you are done all you have to do is drop the shims back in the box, place the call tag on it and hand it to a UPS driver or store. When we receive them we will credit your card back for the cost of the shims. We feel this is the best and easiest way to set up one of these diffs.

These are very strong high quality diffs and we have seen a lot of them fail do to poor set-ups b/c the right shims were not used. Dont waste your investment get the right install kit.

Q: Do you have any good resources for Axle Set-Up Specifications & Torque Specs?