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Dana 60/70/GM14T Spindle Nut Kit - X-LOCK

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Stage 8 Locking Spindle Nut is comprised of 5 parts; a thrust washer, a specialized notched washer, the spindle nut (which can be set to an individual pre-load value), a locking retainer and a heavy spring steel snap ring. The Locking Spindle Nut assembly is easily installed without any specialized tools and spindle nut itself can be locked within ½ degree of any position so you will never have to over or under torque and will maintain the required bearing preload value. This extremely tough innovation withstands severe reverse torque, a real plus when you’re 25 miles away from civilization.


Tech Note: 14 Bolt hub fits internal dimensions of 3.03 inches and larger!!
Pricing: $70.00