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Steering arms, tie rods, drag links and hardware for the the '79-'85 Toyota solid front axle

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6,stud,six,steering,toyota,hi,high,shooter,STEERING 6-STUD,130006-1-KIT
Description: 6-Stud steering knuckles for Toyota 8" front axles. These knuckles eliminate the common problem of broken steering arm studs by adding an extra 2 studs per side to increase the clamping force between the arm and knuckle.
Condition: New
Price: $240.00

Description: The Rock-Assaultâ„¢ Ram Steering assist kit is the best kit you will find anywhere! Our Toyota kit features a 6" X 1.5" stroke hydraulic ram with high temp inner and outer seals for long life and...More Details »
Item #: HAS-2.0-8
Condition: New
Price: $278.00

toyota,high,steer,hi,pickup,4runner,six,6,stud,TG-HS-TOY-6-KIT,130008-1-KIT,Toyota 6 Stud High Steer Kit
Description: The six stud high steer kit includes left and right six stud steering arms, left and right six stud steering knuckles, 6 stud shims, tie rod, drag link, four rod ends and your choice of flat or...More Details »
Item #: TG-HS-TOY-6-KIT
Condition: New
Price: $570.00

TG-STEER-ARMS-4,130002-1-KIT,Toyota Hi-Steer Arms,HI-STEER,STEERING
Description: Forged Hi-Steer arms for the '79-'85 Toyota front axle. All surfaces are machined for precison and accuracy. Tie rod and drag link holes are machined for Fj-80 TRE taper
Condition: New
Price: $159.00

Description: Get rid of that weak stock Toyota tie rod and push pull steering and upgrade to our Hi-Steer setup. Kit includes left and right steering arms, 4 Fj-80 tie rod ends and jam nuts, pitman arm and...More Details »
Item #: TG-HS-TOY-4-KIT
Condition: New
Price: $425.00

hi,steer,pitman,toyota,flat,crossover,high,130020-1-KIT,130599-1-KIT,drop,TG-PITMAN,130599-1-KIT,Toyota Pitman Arm
Description: Toyota pitman arm, available in drop or flat versions. Fits IFS Toyota steering boxes
Condition: New
Price: $79.00

Items 1-6 of 6

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