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14 bolt mini spool full floater GM 10.5,GM14T-SPOOLM,MINI SPOOL,GM14,GM,MINI,SPOOL
Description: A great option for full traction, the 14 Bolt case is so massive and strong a mini spool is a great option for cheap reliable traction, there has been no reported failures with this mini spool. The...More Details »
Item #: GM14T-SPOOLM
Condition: New
Price: $150.00

14 Bolt spool, spool, 14, bolt, locker, gm, GM14T-SPOOL-YG, GM14T-, GM14T-SPOOL, GM14T-SPOOL-, GM14T-SPOOL-Y, GM14T-SPOOL-YG, YP FSGM14T-3-30, yp, YP FS, YP FSGM14T, YP FSGM14T-, YP FSGM14T-3, YP FSGM14T-3-, YP FSGM14T-3-3, YP FSGM14T-3-30, nitro, 40, spl
Description: *Differential: GM 14 Bolt (10.5") & Torq 14 *Gear Ratio: 4.10 & Down, Any A/M Thick *Axle Splines: 40 (req. upgraded axles) *Ring Gear Bolts: 12 (included) *Manufacturer: Nitro Gear & Axle...More Details »
Item #: GM14T-SPOOL-40
Condition: New
Price: $325.00

Items 1-2 of 2